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The Hostel @ Muxía, is located in the center of the town of Muxía.


Muxía is one of the towns where the Camino de Santiago passes. It has various tourist attractions such as the Igrexa da Barca or the famous Pedra de Abalar.


Near the hostel there are also places such as Nemiña beach, the Touriñán Lighthouse, among others.




  • Igrexa da Barca: 1.4 km


  • Pedra de Abalar: 1.4 km


  • Nemiña Beach: 16 km


  • Touriñán Lighthouse: 17 km


It is located near centers such as: Santiago, A Coruña or Finisterre.


  • Santiago: 77 km


  • A Coruña: 93 km


  • Finisterre: 29 km


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